The Petersson laboratory is committed to community involvement and stimulating students toward a love of science. We will visit some classrooms directly, conduct activities at local science fairs, and reach out to others online.




Philly Materials Day

Lab members have demonstrated the principles of fluorescent labeling and protein folding at Philly Materials Day since 2016, attended by hundreds of areas families with an interest in chemistry and materials science.




Science Olympiad at the University of Pennsylvania (SOUP)

Undergraduate members of the lab have helped in organizing a high school Science Olympiad Invitational tournament at Penn, which brings over 650 motivated students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to campus.





EJPLab on YouTube

Meet the lab! See videos of lab members performing techniques used in our research to purify, label, and characterize proteins. We also post videos explaining some of our classroom demonstrations and responses to selected questions sent to




Educational Tools

Proteins and the chemical, biological, and physical techniques used to study their structure and movement can be very complex. Here are some of the educational tools we have developed and links to websites and tools from other scientists and educators.




Summer Bridge and Open Lab Days

EJPLab members have performed instructional demonstrations for the Summer Bridge program (Netter Center for Community Partnerships) and the Open Lab Days program (Philadephia Science Festival).




Penn Summer Chemistry Research Academy

The lab guided high school students in the Chemistry Research Academy Program through a series of activities where they learned about methods for synthetic protein labeling, fluorescence energy transfer and how it can be used to study proteins, as well as computational modeling of proteins.




Classroom Visits

Prof. Petersson and the graduate students visit Philadelphia area middle schools to demonstrate some of the techniques used in the laboratory and to talk about the importance of studying protein folding.