2012 Holiday Party: EJPLab cake!
ACS Fall 2012 National Meeting (Philadelphia): Two molar equivalents of graduate students.
Affordable housing in Philadelphia.
Colin taking outreach literally.
Jake's thesis defense party.
2012 Holiday Party.
Jerri's candidacy party.
6/2010: It's alive!
5/2010: John looking dapper for his Ph.D. candidacy exam.
4/2010: Jake getting his drink on post-candidacy.
12/2009: Our smallest labmember.
8/2009: EJPLab summer 2009.
3/2009: The whereabouts of missing graduate students.
3/2009: Rennovations and move-in completed.
2/2009: Testing the hoods.
10/2008: Chem73 Room 312 in need of rennovation.
9/2008: Jake taking the UV/Vis spectrometer for a walk.
9/2008: Dr. Love.
8/2008: Nick and Anne fixing leaks in our temporary labs.
8/2008: Our first group picture.
8/2008: Temporary labs functional!
7/2008: Temporary labs in Cret.